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Winter arrived, I heard that long skirts and autumn trousers are more Oh!

The skirt is always good girl's heart. When the cold winter approaches, the white long legs have to hide in the trousers quietly, a warm and nice long skirt so that you can go out in the winter! Used to see the winter knit and woolen skirts, and occasionally a cowboy conversion style is not bad. Slightly old style with a simple cut design, cool and stylish. Velvet material feels silky handy, bright color and quite luxurious sense, is the hot element in recent years. Together with a little white star pattern, it seems to wear a whole clear night on the body. Irregular design shows the sense of hierarchy, fish tail moncler jacket skirt full of small women, coupled with autumn moncler coats and winter complement each other red bean paste, so many elements are not enough to make you heart?

Put on the parcel, to a walk that travel. After all, this skirt is so artful and beautiful, if it moncler coats is not worn out to play it not wasteful. Dark buttoned front with a black strap, full of vintage van. Unique knot instead of ordinary buttons, fresh green in the autumn and winter of this cold season is neither obvious, but also just eye-catching. The best is the long stripes and A-line skirt design, looks good and thin. Looks a bit like a small suit with a small A-text version of the fabric, moncler coats both for formal occasions, do not resist casual with. Breasted can be worn in the front, you can also move to the side, a skirt and two wear, it can be very wild. Short before and after the long, unique design cut at a glance on the mind. Generous bow is a sweet spot. V-neck velvet upper body looks elegant luxury, take a sweater is also completely ok! The same plaid skirt, not the same design. This one irregular skirt huge significant leg length, cool design with a lovely bow and very sweet, absolutely must-have street shot!