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Wild T shirt how to wear goddess van

T-shirt as a four-season god of existence, how to choose their own T-shirt, wearing a sense of high-level fashion is particularly important. V-neck cotton simple paragraph: pure cotton fabric sweat-absorbent and breathable, often the most popular moncler sale T-shirt, skin-friendly and comfortable soft and type. The V-neckline is often the first choice for face-up and chest-size (Of course, if you are thin and good-looking, don't pick it up, you wear everything beautiful), moncler jackets it can stretch the neck line, slightly exposed the collarbone, thin and good-looking It becomes sexy and full of femininity. Big round neck hip-hop tidal cool paragraph: big round collar for some round-faced fairy, slightly exposed clavicle coupled with loose personality style moncler women is definitely the moncler women crowd's highlights. Small round neck slightly with careful models: small round neck for slim, long neck sister, this mesh stitching strapless T can be described as a petite sister's tailor-made models, cute and a little sexy, coupled with a miniskirt, Isn't the male god coming in hand?

T-shirt as the king of wild, often can save the entire wardrobe, whether it is equipped with skirts, jeans, ultra shorts are excellent, in addition to cotton T-shirt, and, modal cotton - for plump sister: Lycra cotton - suitable for bottoming; bamboo cotton - for pajamas, haha, joking, bamboo cotton material is very soft, breathable and absorbent, but not easy to wear texture, the pursuit of stylish sister can not consider him ~