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What to wear a cold, in addition to jacket there are other options?

The weather is getting cold, especially in the north, have begun to snow. Cold clothes warm the most important, in addition to the jacket moncler coats there are other options yet? Of course, there is no, as an essential wardrobe for everyone a single product, not only good thermal performance, more stylish down moncler men jacket than the trend, so a warm and handsome coat winter is very important. If you feel cold with a jacket is not enough to meet your warm needs, then you can take a self-cultivation within the sweater or sweater, both in the warm and fashionable trendy temperament. The warmth of the jacket is not only the thick or high-quality fabric texture, visual warmth is also very effective. Ginger or caramel colors are representative of warm colors and look very warm. Keep warm to both the body, to warm the whole body will feel real warmth, such as the neck, ankle and head is very important to keep warm, a stand-collar or high-necked coat is a good choice. Jacket is a very wild single product, you simply do not have to worry about what to wear every day, a set of autumn clothes, sweaters and a coat inside, plus the bottoms with jeans or wide leg pants, leggings Enough winter.

Use of light waterproof windbreaker fabric, in the visual experience of a special, arm reflective printing, adding a sense of hierarchy, the collar can be opened when the mask to provide a certain degree of thermal effect, before and after the drop hemp makes the whole clothes different. The outer surface of the garment is made of waterproof gauze, and the color of the candy color is used inside. It can be worn on both sides, equivalent to the price of one piece of clothing. The custom-made moncler coats bronze zipper and loose wild version do not Pick people to wear. Recently winter the most popular plaid elements combined with the suit version of the jacket, really not too good-looking, self-cultivation version, was thin, classic Plaid very retro feel, cuffs metal buckle decoration is very unique and unique.

Plush fabric, looks very textured, collar collar collar design, very capable fashion, cuffs tighten the design, adding a touch of elegant temperament, with a gentle apricot color, the lady temperament to the extreme. A very soft Meng jacket, cartoon embroidery at the hem hem clothes, add a lovely sense of clothing, classic khaki color, people feel warm, cuffs fungus design, show the sweet temperament of girls. Inspired by the image of a lovely sheep, the collar is a cute doll collar. The cute and fashionable lambskin hat is detachable. The fluffy pockets on both sides are good for winter hand so that you no longer have to worry about frozen hands . Coat is very street style, thickened material is very warm, the inside is quilts, the hat is lambskin, workmanship is very strong, big enough clothes pocket capacity, you can put a wallet or cell phone, looks very handsome. Cotton jacket is essential in the winter, Korean version of the casual style, relaxed style design, do not pick people to wear, black color, more was thin, large pocket cotton suits, do not worry about going out things no place to put problem.