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Wear boys, choose the right pants is decent!

Boys wear, most of the time depends on the success or failure of pants, there are always some boys feel pants are to wear something, how to wear will not go wrong, in fact, the choice of pants and with the need is Pay attention to things. For mature boys, a suit pants is essential, suit pants can be well moncler men modified leg lines, Europe and the United States boys always look good, but for us, the suit trousers use frequency is not so High, it touches some ordinary slacks, much loved. Fashion circles to the present, the choice of boys has long been far expanded, on the pants this category, but also with overalls, harem pants, pants and so on the style style, coupled with the big legs, and often let the woman Children also envy envy. A suitable for their pants to bring out your good temperament and style, so the boys in the choice of time, do not choose too fancy or tight style, usually choose a low-key luxury models, it is very safe and suitable.

Very style of a pants, the tone is very natural, very retro feel, the fabric is with a little velvet, very comfortable to wear, the entire version is very relaxed, do not feel tight, it is easy to build a juvenile style. Corduroy fabric is not fire this year, this is used, the thick section of the winter so that the lower body is no longer cold, legs can easily roll up, concave shape is great, the color is very nice, very easy to wear take Oh. For boys, if you can not wear it, a color sweatpants can perfectly solve the problem of wear, try to wear pants out of color, this sweatpants seconds to become moncler jacket tall, the gas field is fully open, so that You earn enough to keep returning. Harem pants is also one of the relatively high rate of use of boys, one of the tide Fanfan harem pants as long as you dare to wear will be able to earn enough eyeballs, relaxed version can easily create hip-hop style, the design of the feet Can also be windproof warm, very good.

Straight casual pants, is very suitable for mix and match all kinds of single product, is simply essential for lazy boys, superb workmanship make this look full of texture, thickness is moderate, moncler coats full of warmth, so you look capable in the winter Ying British. Dresses in the fashion circle is also very popular style Oh, loose hips, mouth, pants so that the entire pants look all comes with style, boyfriend burst into force, the big pocket is casual, especially to your Attitude and personality. Black avant-garde, wild, retro definition, so that many young people like black, this pants with high-end fabric + deep black combination, was thin but also allows you to easily stand out in the crowd. How to wear a stylish pants enough? In particular, you still pay attention to the image of the boys, this very high degree of comfort and self-cultivation is not tight, a variety of fashion elements gathered to make it full of texture, through all that good.