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Visual temperature control, pattern stripe loaded wave

In summer, there are more and more stripe items of various thicknesses, colors and styles. Obviously, the advantages of stripe elements are numerous and the space available is also very large. Therefore, the classics are prosperous, and the most suitable ones are selected. To wear a new feeling is serious, first look at a group of the United States and the United States to take the street to feel the new changes in stripes: the most representative of the classic sea soul shirt, and white T long-term share of the basic wardrobe to occupy the same, and the same strong white T, In addition, it is more retro feeling, with cool white handsome, to lady or neutral in the skirt or pants in the election. The color of the new season will be brighter, and the vibrant green stripes will be the scene. Just like the forests and green areas, it will bring the fresh and oxygen needed for the summer, and it will be a good hand for regulating the visual temperature. Oversize silhouette and shoulder hollowing plus streamers design, not obliterate personality. A variety of high-saturation bright colors constitute rainbow patterns of varying widths. Unusually stunning and beautiful are just like glimpses of glory. In the dark background, they are more and more exciting and vibrant. Choose the colors to match, and the elegance is not moncler jacket Monotonous, beautiful thought-provoking.

Slim and thin knitwear in addition to super-competitive bottoming shirt, for a shapely body, it is also a significant advantage of single wear, cool ice silk without fear of hot, black and white gray color gradient easy to take and have personality, easy to wear unconventional, show rate Sexual and gentle. Want T-shirt is not common, in the selection of products can pay attention to special colors and styles, full of sunshine and positive energy of the yellow and white stripes, waist kink to form a three-dimensional folds, high waistline Xiaoman waist good body set significant, ordinary T-shirt instant personality vitality Full, advanced modeling it can help. Split-strap trumpet sleeves are not only stylish and free-spirited, but also able to ventilate and protect against sunburn. The unilateral shoulders and back have fresh squid embroideries. They are fresh and exquisite, letting the eyes stay. Light blue stripes are matched with all kinds of denim items. Coordinated, weaving a single product hit the color more natural cool. The intellectual commuter fan's lapel pinstripe shirt and elastic flared sleeve design reduce the seriousness. The style is elegant and romantic. It achieves both practicality and aesthetics. Contrast-colored stripes are three-dimensional texture, refreshing bean paste green wears a fresh tidal wave. Bright red and white stripes lively, small V-neck, loose tailoring to help all kinds of strengths to avoid weaknesses, slightly jerks posing with casual lazy hip and hip was significantly proportional, breathable cotton fresh and non-sticky, with a fresh bright light and easy out, very suitable for summer . From the left shoulder to the chest pocket, the flowers are beautifully embroidered, and the spliced ed braided stripes show a unique personality. The fashionable cross knickers have a small waist and a good ratio. The high waist shorts can show off the abdominal muscles moncler jackets or have a high waist. The same outfit has a good body.

The wide strap dresses that are worn on daily resorts, cool pinstripes and the straps are sexy, elastic folds are wrapped in the comfort of the chest and the curves are beautiful. The retro collar leads the new trend of the collar type this season, combined with wide shoulder straps to create a graceful Girlish feeling, fresh light color, dark skinny, with a pair of comfortable flat shoes is a typical summer dress. Irregular stripe stitching to create a different look and feel, the formation of a unique shadow highlights the effect of highlighting, fall shoulder bat sleeves to help block the fat flesh showing a good figure, the inside of the clothespin hit the color stripe stitching inadvertent highlights highlighted, loose version of the uneven hem simple and generous Temperament, plus a belt can create different styles. Using the intellectual retro suit collar, just V-shaped thin and elegant proportions invincible, puff sleeves, wide girdle, large skirt is elegant and lovely, seersucker cotton material rich and refreshing easy to handle, the overall fresh atmosphere how to wear the United States , Formal appointments are appropriate. Diagonal stripes are noticeable for slimming effects. The crossed V-neckline and the sleeves of the lantern are sexy and elegant. On one side is a wide girdle and one is tied with a bow. The hourglass curve is created in the change. The beauty of the shape is highlighted, and the blue or green can complete the visual temperature control. , hold this season refreshing fashion.