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Vintage red and blue, play the song of ice and fire

Since ancient times, red and blue cp, passionate red and cool blue with a blend of ice and flame beauty. Cold and warm colors with a very dazzling look, and had just right. Take a look at what kind of red and blue with it! The first is the red-blue up and down with the two high-saturation colors are particularly brisk look together. Color convergence is clear but not unexpected, red with dark blue unique retro style. Burgundy sweater is a tool to take within the winter, with jeans look elegant and neat. Retro deep red wine is very lined, with a fresh washed denim blue to bring a dull winter elegant youthful. Red and blue inside and outside with a small area is a model with a color-based, supplemented by another tone, appears the order of primary and secondary, but also to enrich the sense of hierarchy. Fog blue jacket is a winter low-key and high-end single product, take a red sweater very bright, burst out of the overall moncler coats elegance of vitality.

Think large area can not hold with the words, you can try to hit the color stripes. Red and blue twists and turns, like a ribbon hanging on the body, Smart and elegant. Two classic color collision full of fashion sense, moncler women walking in the moncler sale streets is very sunny. Local embellishment is also very eye-catching to meet your low-key and stylish pursuit. Red and blue stripes decorate the bag on the bag to highlight the orderly sense of the bag, bright contrast color design is very dazzling, to break the dull monotony of winter.