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Trench so much, choose their own is the best

Although the windbreaker is a single wild product, but to choose their own coat is a little skill, the choice of length, the color of choice, or choose the right style according to body. For a tall sister, the long trench coat is simply tailored for walking with a wind artifact, of course, the length is too long will appear shy, the best choice to reveal the length of one-third of the lower leg. On the contrary, short sisters worry is to be more, too long coat will look cumbersome, shorter coat will be more friendly, choose the length of the knee, you can better show the proportion of body. In the choice of color, white skinny sister not so much concern, any color can easily control, and for our common yellow, choose beige, haze blue brightening coat color will look better. In the style, the simple gun-free design windbreaker is more suitable for big breasts sister, with the light inside to weaken the heavy sense of chest, on the contrary, the small chest sister will have to choose complicated bow tie design windbreaker, it will not seem thin.

Unique stitching lapel design, highlighting moncler jackets the personality of fashion, detachable belt can be free concave shape, to create a changeable modern fashion girl image, split clothes pendulum design, to break the sense of dullness, walking between the light and agile. Classic suit lapel to increase the rate of capable, generous version contains any body shape, 3D three-dimensional cut, better body modification, cuffs and buckles with design, enhance the temperament. Windbreaker length is anybody hold live in the knee long section, the British style classic double-breasted design, version Slim waist, wear very significant temperament. Three-dimensional suit collar design, enhance the gas field, the cloth belt decoration, highlighting the waist line, creating a sense of hierarchy, both sides moncler coats of the open pocket design, can accommodate small objects, suede texture more texture. Large lapel design, highlight the good temperament figure, trendy shoulder design, more capable, personalized bow sleeve 琚? the United States unique, sophisticated waist, wear a good figure. Rain and windproof spring and autumn must-have coat, durable and concave shape, cut neat version, hooded style, the back of the small fork design are particularly and blame. Fabric drape strong sense of the upper body stereotypes, big lapels handsome and charming design, double breasted and waist belt, build a body at the same time upright spirit.