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Sweater is also very different, round neck hooded how to choose?

Sweater is no stranger to our fashion items, sweaters are usually divided into two categories, one is hooded sweater, and the other is a round neck sweater. It seems that the difference between the two is a difference of a hat, but it is this difference between a hat, so that both sweaters have their own style, which one do you prefer? Xiao Bian Hooded sweater even more hip-hop look, perhaps this is a bohemian hats blessing, sweater shape more amazing, such as wearing a cap and then wearing a sweater hat, is not fashionable boy full of tide What? Hooded sweater overall version of the more richer, more sense of shape, so wear a good look, but at the same time it is also handsome jacket with full, such as denim jacket, baseball clothing, etc., the combination of these leisure single product is never perfect Wrong. Tailored sweater Xiaobian first feeling is suitable for inside to take, especially some of the original hat has a coat within the ride, the other big advantage of round neck sweater is that it is or with a combination of some shirts, the classic small Round neck can be just right out of the shirt collar, giving a well-behaved, fresh feeling. The same handsome casual sweater, not the same wear and taste, then what do you prefer? Hip-hop style is more adequate hooded sweater or slightly clenched round neck sweater it?

Lambskin is simply the favorite in winter, so cold autumn and winter season, wearing soft and comfortable lambskin and then a suitable, plus velvet sweater, but also warmer it! Loose version, hip hop leisure, bring lazy wind, boys and girls wear super handsome it! Very eye-catching orange sweater, suddenly gave a feeling of a clear mood, version of simple and crisp, relaxed version comes with a sense of lazy, solid color design is very simple and direct, with jeans, shoes on Sports and leisure full of wind! Leisure sports wind sweater, classic version of the design, solid color design, simple and elegant, neutral wind design for both men and women to wear, cotton material, sweater wearing comfort stronger, breathable absorbent sweat, winter can wear sports! Sweater is a major advantage of version of crisp, male and female take it easy! Regardless of the goddess or the girl can wear, loose version of the type for girls more lazy handsome, sweater front is aerospace space printing, fashion personality, childlike vitality! moncler coats oversize version of the design, sweater in addition to leisure more a sense of laziness. Hit color hat design is a bright spot in this sweater, quite a fake two taste. Solid color sweater, simple wild! Slightly college style sweater, sweater, there are a lot of cute embroidery villain design, so sweater more a lovely childlike, hooded design also allows the overall more lively sense of vitality, simplicity and fashion both! X embroidery to add elements of style, asymmetric design at the sleeve, the integration of the patch culture will enhance the overall force, the seam hole has a high degree of recognition. Micro-loose version of the high street show, both inside and outside to wear, quite European and American street influx of moncler men people's taste.