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Shirt with a knit shirt, so with the United States turned up

Although the sweater + shirt is not moncler women fresh and difficult to wear, but want to dress better than others to see the color, really need to master a certain amount of wear skills, and spring there is a higher order, more stylish fashion new wear, You can not miss it! Sweaters and shirts is definitely the essential basic wardrobe models, it can be said that everyone can control and the most classic wear the real wear stack routines. Help you easily beauty the entire autumn and winter! As a classic shirt shirt, white shirt is naturally the perfect choice for fold over with sweater, and can be used with all your sweaters. White shirt simple atmosphere is the most able to highlight the texture, then the ordinary moncler coats sweater, with its blessing, you can immediately upgrade stylish, moncler coats full of good taste. Striking elements of the classic again in recent years by the fashion industry's attention, striped shirt has undoubtedly become one of the most popular nowadays. Stacked with it and sweaters, you can break the basic section of sweater oligotype, add more stylish details for your style. Check with the grid just look good, diamond lattice, color with a very beautiful, using three-dimensional jacquard knit design, cuffs neckline and hem are collocation stripe, very chic. Version is the kind of micro-loose, not too loose, very good for the body's inclusion, it was thin yo ~

When it turns warm again, it's easy to go out and get it right-and it's easy to take the wrong moncler women section, simple and generous, no matter what occasion to wear. Clothes color is very good looking and comfortable, will not gorgeous to dizziness, it is easy to match a sense of seniority. Presumably we all see the focus of this dress is the body of the ball, the ball is a rabbit fur ball, feel very comfortable soft, if you are boring, then play the ball under the body, the more cute style, seen Sister wearing a good look, high collar is also very warm. Simple high-quality thick thong sweater women, this apricot gray cashmere sweater compared to the previous two periods, feel a little thicker, net weight of 240 grams for the whole clothes with a sense of thick, feel soft and waxy skin. The design of the chest twist to make the sweater is no longer monotonous, a little more Nordic style.

Astonished people can sweater, opened the two buckle wear law simply rolled up the United States, the strapless wear really thin and thin skin is also the key to the United States bubble, tease Aberdeen indispensable ah! Some more black women, obviously white and mysterious! Accustomed to the same shirt, to a slash placket shirt how? White shirt hit color black buttons, clean but also make people shines, no matter how take, are fashionable style. Shell buckle is really suitable velvet buttons against each other super texture. Velvet is also divided gram weight, this is a very good quality of a class. Because the velvet itself is relatively retro gloss more color, so simple and slightly loose version of the type, and then patience to see it.