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Retro fashion old fashion VS do not say broken

Fashion rules tell us that fashion is sometimes the old renovation, so retro has become a science. In addition to the pleated skirt strong counter-attack, in recent years, gold velvet and corduroy also began to break the trendy fashion sense from the fabric point of view, broken as broken, direct ownership is the most successful. And knitted soft woolen jerk different corduroy texture first come from the visual vintage old, but the courage to try the new content is the most basic elements of retro and fashion docking. Ruffled meandering, sapphire blue, winter personality is the dress of confidence. From the gloss point of view, gold velvet blink no one enemy. Ingenuity of color choices, so that the luster is very low profile, a kind of confident and elegant. It is as soft as knitwear to fit the curve of the body, fishtail skirt swaying more supple style. Since corduroy is a symbol of vintage, it will certainly work hard in color, haze blue modest seems more in line with its restrained temperament. The so-called popularity is not to publicize themselves, but have their own personality, but patiently hidden, waiting for one day people shines.

Corduroy was the first popular gesture is trousers, is the generation of mom fashion. Today, wide-leg pants popular, not just give moncler jackets the corduroy excellent play? Candy-colored trousers, breaking the black leggings occupy the visual sense of the winter streets, give you a different color colorful. No point of personality, of course, will not be remembered, although personality is not a good thing too far, but some are mildly cordial and some of these differences. Calm and atmospheric color, playful and assertive wide-leg pants, coupled with the reduction of the strap, this is not a gesture of self-release it? If your impression of corduroy or the old dark color, it is wrong, the flexible use of color is a basic achievement of fabric self. Rose suddenly become very low-key red, but still set off your beauty, the most important thing seems really warm.

To point out the yellow to mention it, with bright colors to help the retro fabric as soon as possible into our dress. Short section of the essence of more than everything, thick and velvet moncler jackets is the warmth of the king, no matter how awesome air conditioning, the street is the most practical jacket. I heard this year is very popular caramel, corduroy how can miss this opportunity to walk into the street with others? Slightly bat sleeve design, it is in line with the popular oversize in recent years, the big fur collar is very King, it looks very warm and wear more than anything else important. Girls with low-key personality moncler coats may prefer plain colors. Simple and generous, the most important is the unbeaten, the same is plus velvet design, although no waist curve, but the warm texture is also a fashion, with jeans you can easily wintering.