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Mash up wind, how do? A primer is enough!

Bottoming shirt is the right way to open the fall and winter communicative this season, almost every girl has countless pieces of the bottoming shirt, but there are still many girls actually fall in love with the coat than the other to take the clothes to A lot more, but ignored the importance of inside. Bottom shirt is almost every woman's essential autumn and winter is a versatile wild single product, select a texture of the bottoming shirt with the details easily make the whole person look more advanced. Not only save money but also make the hilarious doubling tips can be hidden in this little piece of the inside. In fact, shirting, good ride is finishing touch, with the poor will make you look super scumbags. Said to do a delicate woman, you need to pay attention to all the details, then the choice of bottoming shirt you moncler coats can not ignore the natural, but also attach great importance, but also pay attention to, with their own style must be with yo. Bottom shirt is the most basic high-necked round neck of the points, high necklace has been a unique temperament popular in the fashion industry, for slender girls, you can properly adjust the neck and face long distance between, but for Short neck girls is a disaster; and the round neck is no concern in this regard, not only soft but also highlight the neck lines, it can be said is the difficulty to control a single product.

There are other considerations are also important yo, if you do not choose, then together with Xiaobian look at the following several bars, will make you the whole autumn and winter are beautiful yo. Selection of high-quality wool fabric, soft and comfortable, delicate touch, upper body is very skin-friendly, full texture. High collar design, good wind and warmth. Simple version, generous fashion, simple and wild. Solid color design, more wild. A slightly loose version of the model, can create a good lazy feeling. 99% pure wool design, upper body soft and comfortable, very skin-friendly. Split moncler men hem on both sides of the design, personalized fashion, breaking the monotonous clothes, add more sense of detail. Semi-high collar design, can be very good warmth, while exposing the sister's neck, more elegant. Two waist pocket design, details full feeling. Staggered shoulders design, so that the sister exposed sexy clavicle, will not give a very light board does not feel the design sense. Slightly thicker knit density, more warm and comfortable. Vulnerability to handle cuffs, more personality and fashion. Loose version of the design, do not pick the body does not pick people, even more thin. Classic hit color design, stylish and generous. Long sleeves, chic full sense. Round neck design, to better groom sister's neck. Selection of high-quality coarse wool produced, irregular twist, knitted texture, personalized fashion, upper body soft and comfortable. Cardigan design, making it more convenient to wear off. Large sleeves, easy to create lazy casual feel. Wrap individual design, overlapping design, personalized fashion, chic full sense. High-quality fabric, soft and comfortable, upper body more skin-friendly. Slightly longer sleeves, more lazy feeling. Self-cultivation version of the type, more significant thin figure. Featured moncler coats high-quality fabrics, upper body soft and comfortable skin-friendly. Vertical knit texture, the visual is more significant thin. Trumpet sleeve design, generous personality, able to cover the skin was thinner. Neckline and cuff hit the color design, chic full sense. Hit color horn sleeve design more comfortable uninhibited, generous yet dynamic and lively, but also easily cover arm bye meat, more was thin. moncler jacket Contrast color hem design simplicity is not simple, more stylish and generous. Slim version of the type, comfortable and freely.