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How to wear this summer is thin!

Do not know why, many moncler jacket people buy clothes, the most tangled is the color, but for very practical version of the type but little attention. For example, if you take the skirt that summer will surely have, do you know what kind of skirt you moncler coats have? What kind of skirt is best for you? Today, let's talk about the big version of the skirt and how to choose the skirt that suits you! Hip skirt is also called elastic skirt. Because of its straight, pencil-like name, this skirt, moncler jacket which is tightly wrapped around the curves of the lower body, is generally knee-length, and pencil skirts are extremely demanding. If you belong to a relatively bamboo shape and if you have hips, this dress will be the category of clothing that shows all of your body strengths. With the help of different pieces, the same skirt will show different style attributes. What you need is just to increase the sense of casualness of other items on your body. Can be T-shirts, casual vests, sweaters, flat shoes, etc. ... on sweaters, to make this kind of strong sense of a single product out of the sense of young age, you can use a mature pencil skirt to mix and match. So, in turn, this trick is used to make the pencil skirt more casual. T-shirts, sneakers, and sunglasses with casual attributes are single items that can make pencil skirts more casual.

The shape of the straight skirt is actually similar to the pencil skirt. moncler men They all belong to a relatively "narrow" style. Only the skirt of the pencil skirt closed more tightly, while the straight skirt skirt was relatively loose and the overall shape was H-shaped straight. Finished tight, straight, and then it's our turn loose skirt. But you have to know that A-type skirts are actually a very broad term. You can use all skirts that are loose on the hem as a type A skirt.