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How to choose suitable dresses?

I believe the perfect body curve is not for every woman, but we can solve the curve problem by matching. The skirt is also one of the best girls in the summer, but not all styles of skirts are suitable for you, how According to your figure to wear to the skirt? The wider shoulders can be matched with a large round neck, deep V-neck dress, weaken people's attention to the shoulder, turn to focus on the clavicle, cleavage and other parts. To avoid a word collar, do not choose tight sleeve dress and so on. Shoulder narrower, choose the shoulder more decorative dress, such as princess sleeves, twist sleeves, etc., do not choose suspenders, shoulder and chest wrapped dress. Arm thick, avoid sleeveless, narrow shoulders dress, if the body is not slim enough, then tight dress is absolutely inappropriate. You can choose to connect with the shoulder, the upper part of the sleeve is wider and decorated dress, you can attract people's attention so that the arm appears slender. Do not put shirts or tights into the skirt, do not use the belt, do not wear pleated skirts, these are prominent waist with moncler men the proposed choice of straight dress, can make the body appear slender. If it is tall, you can choose long and straight ankle straight micro-swing dress, you can make the whole look Smart and elegant, and hidden rough waist defects.

A small pot of women is best worn wearing a corset, corset generally can tighten the small pot, was thin, so what to wear skirts can be. If you do not want to wear corsets, you can choose a more generous dress, such as long doll skirt, more generous, there is no waist, naturally will not see a small pot. In moncler jackets addition, you can also choose A word skirt, so loose belly, but do not have too much waist fold. Should avoid self-cultivation dress and tight skirts. More suitable for bright colors or vertical stripes class style, avoid excessive decoration skirt, fabric should choose a moderate thickness, giving a light feeling of material, to avoid heavy material in the long paragraph skirt. Choose skirts to avoid long skirts, wear a short fit straight or A short skirts will appear slender legs, naturally gives a feeling of tall. Not suitable to wear short and wide skirts. Choose knee-length skirt can cover this shortcoming. Calf thick people, if wearing a skirt should wear a long skirt or skirt, skirt moncler jackets length than the calf 1-2CM is appropriate. The length of the skirt must not be the thickest calf at the same time can be accompanied by boots (do not choose wrap-style, to choose loose tube, make your legs slim and charming).