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Fringe jeans, young girls fall in love with the treason

Jeans + trousers mouth edge design, full of rebellious personality is sniffed, just right now and fashion perfect convergence, expressing confessions, but also highlight the fashion aesthetic. This state of affairs is the common moncler coats gesture among young girls. The elements are split to have a high waist, rough edges, wide legs, nine points, an index of up to five stars, ankles, no dwarf with flat shoes, and a casual sense of style. It is easy to interpret French chic. The side line is divided to make the legs more straight and slender, the burrs slightly protruded and the slim fins are highlighted, and the personality is designed to add points. The light-colored denim is suitable for the spring and summer season full of freshness and vitality. Longer trouser legs create a larger gas field, burrs + embroidery highlights the romantic ethnic style, but also makes the slender ankle look more attractive, high-waist heightening with the proportion of the king fried combination, cold with boots perfect, Day hot with shoes swaying. Crease burrs and trousers make the jeans look rich and lively, and will also be fun moncler coats to play with, with more dew point skin, and can be worn as a fashionable ld driver?with the basics.

Speaking of the classic real jeans, pencil pants can be considered to be ranked in the top three, it has also used all moncler jackets the hegemony streets, and now is still a standing single product with fine legs and hatred, irregular trimming feet to add an affable personality. Full of trumpet trousers of the last century style, waist and trousers are used flash, ancient times to chase this style to create casual, choose a short jacket or dress into the trousers, trouser legs hidden under the high-heeled or reveal slender uppers, The high effect is very gratifying. The cowboy wide-legged trousers that incorporate side-striped stripes on the sporty fabric stripe are a superposition of sportiness and retro style. In addition, the inner and outer seams are washed in gradients, plus trousers and raw edges. They are trendy and eye-catching. Gas field. Feet waist trimmings are very young age, there is a kind of unfinished design sense, trousers cut the position in the thigh, it is able to stretch the legs to help visual high, metal round hole decorated with high waist is thin and straight and unique. Gradient colourblocked trousers break the dullness of the basic model, plus the edgy eye-catching nature, with a simple jacket is very good, so that the shoes and the lower half of the color, reduce the visual partition can better optimize the body ratio.