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Even basic clothes, but also wear a big sense of big

Winter, a black coat should be a lot of people have it, as a neutral color, it is a good mix, do not pick the color, everyone can wear, black coat more people feel more calm, and no fear at all Outdated. Although black wild, but to wear out of taste and fashion sense, can not be chaotic ride, if you have a black coat, you can learn the following this way. Coats with nine points of jeans, will not go wrong, and nine points fashionable style and was high, but also easily break a black monotone. As for the pants type, Straight, slightly La will be a better choice. Ultra-fine elegance, loose body, generous sleeves, coupled with the belt tightened, a very sense of ladies. And super significant leg length, neat lines. The shape of this dress is very thin, shoulder design will make the figure look more delicate. Hem sides and cuffs have done a fork, inclusive well. Wide mouth design, make clothes more feminine, very personal style. Fabrics are imitation camel hair, thick texture Oh! Texture upper body comfortable and soft, delicate texture of the mouth of the stripes to the overall sense of more details, but also to make the whole sense of distance clothing.

Coats and wide-leg pants combination, can be described as the cover of meat and gas field, an instant type up! The front of the black coat and the cowboy is very good, then the wide leg pants denim can naturally well with the match because of the relatively high compression, it is recommended pairs of high heels, but if you long legs that way it ~ moncler coats ~ This khaki pants, whether it is from the color or suit fabric, with the coat is very OL wind, for office workers with, capable and temperament. Striped sweat pants comfortable and stylish, but in order to avoid a black, upper body can be used with other colors within the ride Oh ~ ~ In fact, not necessarily dark-colored underwear ah, like white, apricot so refreshing colors, and black coat ride Together, competent without losing the sense of freshness ah. Loose waist version. Cotton twill denim fabric, enzyme washing rinse process, legs spray horse 锟斤拷, mouth half-cost hand-brushed to be. Bronze logo Iris deduction. Slightly relaxed waist, with a better looking strap. A very moncler sale simple profile pants, big pants cover the flesh but also very stylish, trousers edge to join the popular froward to be side, with a simple and good with. Fabric selection of moderate thickness denim, crisp type, spring and autumn wear is very suitable. Wool Icelandic moncler jackets yarn is soft and elastic, with no skin wear on the body, good thermal insulation, fine pit effect through the three-dimensional lines, thinner effect on the visual line, less deformation, more quality and high collar warmth Design, simple body type version, giving it more wear way, three-dimensional shoulder trim to further modify the lines, the overall smooth lines seem neat, flowing skirts, flowing smooth as the flow of moving lines exudes beauty temperament.