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Cool to winter jacket without friends to wear, simple and stylish

Every trendy girl wants to dress up beautiful and stylish every day, even in the cold winter is no exception, fashion is not a simple thing, plus even more difficult to keep warm this winter, Do you have both fashion and warm? Today, let Xiao Bian to introduce you to a few stylish and warm coexistence of the winter coat it ~ Down jacket, down jacket is absolutely essential winter "artifact", although early known as fashion killer, but now is the street beat A big leader in the street down jacket variety and complexity, and the hottest this year is oversize jacket, a big jacket to cover all, it seems the whole petite cute, this oversize down jacket with high quality special fabrics , The surface can withstand the invasion of rain and snow, the inner dry and warm, both men and women can wear yo ~

Loose oversize version of the trend of fashion, which uses high-quality white goose wing, hollow high, fluffy full sense of the outer layer of double-sided windproof waterproof fabric, the winter cold and then cold, snow more afraid Friends, both sides of the pocket two pockets, both practical and beautiful, and the moncler men whole clothes are very texture yo ~ Straight moncler coats version of the type cover is thin, knee length, comes with pull the wind effect, the overall design is very clothes , Exquisite double-breasted cardigan atmosphere, symmetrical large pocket, and the overall pull effect, the hem sleeve door splicing treatment, elegant atmosphere ~ overall overall classic coats, self-cultivation while filling the ancient charm, but there are many Small design sense, the traditional handmade plate buckle, rounded solid, unique retro print design, very visual sense ~ wool in the small moncler jackets round floral material, it seems very Han Fan children, smooth material inside, warm Comfortable, but also with a glamorous sense of lazy, elegant silhouette version, atmospheric fashion, simple V neck design can bring out the face of the delicate Oh ~

H profile, any body can control, version of the style without losing the details of simple, both Tibetan and thin, inclusive, which can wear a little thicker sweater, the atmosphere was temperament ~ loose version, No sense of restraint, ease, the overall design is not too much, simple and stylish, cuffs at the rabbit made of stitching, breaking the monotony of solid color, the colors used are warm colors, very fresh, very young ~ is ~ Is not that knit sweater can only be the traditional line moncler outlet it? Of course not, the length of knitwear processing a bit like a knit dress, but the skirt has done a high split ends treatment, full of fashion sense, neck collar collar design, careful care of delicate neck skin ~