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Complexity to Jane, based on the ground to crack hard winter wear

Shopping Festival is like a math test, all kinds of fancy brain burning and overwhelming publicity impact, so passionate and brain cells in the carnival enjoyment of release, the logic of the highly sensitive high play this game, numbness of numbers, however, but others quiet Looked. Rational shopping is based on the needs of the foundation, and then get the fun of perceptual, and perhaps there are exceptions, but the foundation is no exception, it is the just needs of every normal day.

Gray turtleneck sweater + wide-leg pants, loose when you can choose a little shorter sweater or a little clothing angle to create the ratio, choose loose-collar without restraint was a small face. Black turtleneck sweater + bell-bottoms, swan neck long legs sharp weapon, but also a classic retro style, a gray black and white unlimited occasions the most practical, all kinds of jackets also hold. Camel half-turtleneck sweater + wide-leg pants, loose half-neck collar does not pick the neck long, with the vertical streamline earrings not only enhance the personality but also the heart was small face, clothing pendulum into the wide leg pants, , Show the gas field big woman Fan.

Sweaters + pants + boots + coat, the combination of the basic models are very versatile routines, leaving a single product to replace the details of the changes can be used in high-frequency in autumn and moncler jacket winter. Bottom sure to be comfortable, wearable appearance should be generous, high-quality fabrics + moderate design sense to meet the multiple needs of the shape to win, loose body to create undisturbed smooth lines, covering the fingers of the long-sleeved open buckle is to look Unable to move away, V Neck was long face neck skills did not forget, light and delicate wear no burden, low key basic tone wild and advanced. Hanging knit so that the body has a sense of neat rows of vertical lines, hollowing out the design is the heart of the heart, the winter exposed the skills are more amazing, bold and uncompromising design allows the shirt to fall from the autumn coat impression, become abnormal fashionable.

Sleeve and the middle of the body by moncler jackets adding moncler outlet texture twist pattern rich texture, reveal the moncler women intellectual retro style, before the short side and long side of the split clothes pendulum, so that the basic models and more stylish taste, into the underwear was leg length, from the collar to the body are loose Lazy, very friendly to the body, easy to wear freezer rate sex. From the irregular design of the greetings, the basis of a single product to break the impression of conformity, it will not be old-fashioned so that the shape is more interesting, large area plain weave pattern with a small amount of more eye-catching, small collar collars warm without buried neck length , Soft waxy cashmere low-key warm so gentle temperament doubled. Loose high collar buried the second half face is a small face and warm tool, loose short paragraph on the body friendly and stylish, single body is also very well decorated with a stylish look, but also all kinds of non-collar / Round neck coat within the ride, black and white gray camel these basic color free fashion season.