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Cold winter, stylish base shirt with your warm heart

The time flies, the blink of an eye to the coldest time of the year, mushroom cold in order to resist the cold have hoarding a variety of nice coat, then the coat with a bottoming shirt how can the lack of, Nice bottoming shirt with a stylish coat, suddenly cool mushrooms who can become a fairy. The existence of sweaters is almost accompanied by our growth, so the bottoming shirt to a nice sweater, Mushroom cool is a very good choice. Casual casual style sweater used in the ride is a good choice, the ever-changing styles, style is also changeable, is simply the evergreen fashion industry. Mushrooms cool to wear shirts is easy to give people a kind of intellectual and elegant feeling, it is a fresh sense of campus art, like this cool mushrooms should not be missed Oh! Think solid take too monotonous, then there is a piece of streak within the ride is very good, strong color of the impact, mushroom cool to wear it will look very strength. Elegant chic cuff design, selection of high-quality buttons, fruiting cool who can choose to open or buckle, are very stylish, vertical pit stripes unique design, the visual also gives a thin feeling. Simple but not simple sweater, a good blend of twist fashion elements, it is very elegant and charming, comfortable and soft at the same time it is also able to deduce the unique temperament of girls, to create intellectual and elegant style.

Girl heart-shaped printing design, it is very playful and cute, dense embroidery lock also highlights the quality of the side, Drawstring design, is also very important to reduce age, Mushroom cool to wear girls really full moncler jackets of vitality, it is not bad . High collar to bring the comfort with the sexy, it is for the warm bonus points, the letters before printing color printing design, is also very personal, relaxed version is also very thin, do not pick the body, any body fit . Very style of a shirt, is people can not ignore the existence of greasy, ingenuity of the Renaissance painting as a print, so full of artistic sense of clothes, retro feeling is full, it is good. Matte satin, low-key distribution of luxury, temperament inadvertently revealed, the side is hit by the color design, a small hit color, so that clothes look very delicate, sleeve cuffs cuff design, sense of romance increased.

The design of the high collar can help mushroom cool to resist the cold, loose version moncler women of the model does not pick the body, for a little fleshy fruiting cool are also able to wear, while the basic section of the stripes is also very wild, a It is moncler jackets like a coat. Rough horizontal stripes bring two-dimensional pattern of fun, very good, shoulder sleeve design is very thin, cuff rib slightly folded, breeze is not easy to invade, fit the neck of the small high collar design, visually Modified face effect.