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100 wear is not greasy and can highlight the body curve of the bottom of the vest

Seemingly minimalist vest-style primer shirt, but it is fashionable autumn and winter is the most favorite fashion single product. No enchanting no spicy, can be perfect and all kinds of clothing with together. Fit the woman at the same time the body will not have the slightest sense of restraint, highlighting the graceful posture of a woman, sexy and not exposed to the meat, and even with a college goddess of pure romantic temperament. Into the autumn weather suddenly hot and cold, moncler coats this time the role of autumn Qiu pants on the full highlights of the. Are you still wearing those bloated and not warm underwear? Know why the body of the convex goddess moncler coats in the same fall and winter can be elegant and confident? Because they mastered the secret of light and thin. Modified stature stretched leg lines of the warm leggings, easy to moncler men bid farewell to the thick legs. High elastic cotton fabric and Slim version of the type, the upper body after the fit of the woman's body type, outline the graceful figure curve and do not have to worry about the embarrassment of emptying. Neatly uniform car alignment, to enhance the overall firmness and aesthetics, more durable

Predecessor loose body collar exposed woman's sultry neck and clavicle lines, back sexy cross-strap design, your back is more attractive to the temptation. Minimalist solid color body, you can take a single wear, casual sports correct. Light and thin fabric and personal version of the type of cut, more fit your body and mind, with a good moisture permeability sweat, give you more than twice the delicate skin comfort protection. 3D stereo honeycomb cup design, effectively set off your chest, sleep and exercise when you can wear. Selection of natural combed cotton textile made of toughness is not easy to fluff, 32 combed cotton elastic good texture soft, so that your delicate skin in a free breathing state. Using a 11-pin stitching process made of car lines neatly uniform, so that clothes more durable. High waist bag hip-style cut design, with comfortable and comfortable bamboo diamond fabric, get rid of the traditional mediocre design, you can better fit your moncler sale lower abdomen and buttocks, highlights the woman's unique graceful posture Curve beauty. Fashion oblique inserted pocket, you can place carry items, but also create a Variety of modeling.

Combed cotton material made of leggings, the high waist version of the cut, you can better fit your waist lines. High elastic rubber pants waist, fit your neck and will not have the slightest sense of restraint. Pants on both sides of the hit color stripe, creating a sports school uniform pants sense of mischief.