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  • The short jacket is a mystery. The answer is here.

    There is no style that knows how to build body proportions better than short jackets. No style is better than short jackets to understand how to connect the seasons. Gentle and elegant or handsome, the style of short jackets becomes a fan. Ever since then, the answer has become a fashion. Whoever makes us always reluctant to such moncler coats a temptation? What must be mentioned is the moncler women denim jacket. The classic meaning is that it seems to be mundane but it is always indispensable, and occasionally it can bring you a little moncler men surprise and make you more reluctant to leave. The vintage color is old, the bright spot is behind the split design, and the button has the cowboy's insistence. Since you want to hide your fascination behind you, you need to wait patiently for the encounter. Cowboy blue tradition can easily conquer people's hearts, such as the blue sky after the wash is so light and natural, behind the lace design adds a little tenderness and water, can still be a model of leisure. The addition of candy colors is the top priority for denim to expand its audience. Only by breaking the tradition can there be more possibilities. Even floral skirts are handy. The popularity of the lantern sleeves made the denim jacket a little more free and easy, and the crispness of the lines became rich and colorful.

    Flash design is still a way for cowboys, but the original personality is full, and now it seems to be the case. Fortunately, it is still difficult to be replaced. The fully casual denim looks a bit more gentle, less cowboy's thickness and stiffness, and it's a matte finish. No fabric is better than knitwear to understand the beauty of color and softness. The soft, fluffy, mohair knitted fabric adds to the briskness of the spring, and it is also slightly covered by the coldness. The embroidered design is embellished with the word lantern sleeves and the knit threads form a little wooden ear with small details that are touching enough. There is a confidence called leisure. What kind of sweater sports shoes, package hip skirt can still wear a street fashion sense. The air-cotton fabric's stiff three-dimensional, slightly warmer than cowboy, but the stereotyped effect is not bad. With a few strokes to describe the formation of a baseball uniform to grab the mirror reason. Have a new understanding of gold velvet, or because of its strong counterattack, sportswear pleated skirts, all kinds of unexpected ways have become natural, let alone this short jacket neat it? Dark blue leisure is unique and can give you confidence with a bag skirt. The woolen short jacket is the most able to show the small fragrance, the kind of neat moncler women temperament and the strong self-confidence in the woman's bones are exactly the same. The edging design does not reduce the distinctness of the personality, but instead increases the elegance of the plain and creates a unique little fragrance. The luster of corduroy is not as good as gold velvet, but corduroy's grasp of color is not inferior to gold velvet, so there is absolute confidence in brick red. The large pocket design can see the bright lines, showing the focus of the casual style of the tooling, and the effect of matching the wide-leg pants must be wonderful.

    2018-04-17 19:26:39
  • Visual temperature control, pattern stripe loaded wave

    In summer, there are more and more stripe items of various thicknesses, colors and styles. Obviously, the advantages of stripe elements are numerous and the space available is also very large. Therefore, the classics are prosperous, and the most suitable ones are selected. To wear a new feeling is serious, first look at a group of the United States and the United States to take the street to feel the new changes in stripes: the most representative of the classic sea soul shirt, and white T long-term share of the basic wardrobe to occupy the same, and the same strong white T, In addition, it is more retro feeling, with cool white handsome, to lady or neutral in the skirt or pants in the election. The color of the new season will be brighter, and the vibrant green stripes will be the scene. Just like the forests and green areas, it will bring the fresh and oxygen needed for the summer, and it will be a good hand for regulating the visual temperature. Oversize silhouette and shoulder hollowing plus streamers design, not obliterate personality. A variety of high-saturation bright colors constitute rainbow patterns of varying widths. Unusually stunning and beautiful are just like glimpses of glory. In the dark background, they are more and more exciting and vibrant. Choose the colors to match, and the elegance is not moncler jacket Monotonous, beautiful thought-provoking.

    Slim and thin knitwear in addition to super-competitive bottoming shirt, for a shapely body, it is also a significant advantage of single wear, cool ice silk without fear of hot, black and white gray color gradient easy to take and have personality, easy to wear unconventional, show rate Sexual and gentle. Want T-shirt is not common, in the selection of products can pay attention to special colors and styles, full of sunshine and positive energy of the yellow and white stripes, waist kink to form a three-dimensional folds, high waistline Xiaoman waist good body set significant, ordinary T-shirt instant personality vitality Full, advanced modeling it can help. Split-strap trumpet sleeves are not only stylish and free-spirited, but also able to ventilate and protect against sunburn. The unilateral shoulders and back have fresh squid embroideries. They are fresh and exquisite, letting the eyes stay. Light blue stripes are matched with all kinds of denim items. Coordinated, weaving a single product hit the color more natural cool. The intellectual commuter fan's lapel pinstripe shirt and elastic flared sleeve design reduce the seriousness. The style is elegant and romantic. It achieves both practicality and aesthetics. Contrast-colored stripes are three-dimensional texture, refreshing bean paste green wears a fresh tidal wave. Bright red and white stripes lively, small V-neck, loose tailoring to help all kinds of strengths to avoid weaknesses, slightly jerks posing with casual lazy hip and hip was significantly proportional, breathable cotton fresh and non-sticky, with a fresh bright light and easy out, very suitable for summer . From the left shoulder to the chest pocket, the flowers are beautifully embroidered, and the spliced ed braided stripes show a unique personality. The fashionable cross knickers have a small waist and a good ratio. The high waist shorts can show off the abdominal muscles moncler jackets or have a high waist. The same outfit has a good body.

    The wide strap dresses that are worn on daily resorts, cool pinstripes and the straps are sexy, elastic folds are wrapped in the comfort of the chest and the curves are beautiful. The retro collar leads the new trend of the collar type this season, combined with wide shoulder straps to create a graceful Girlish feeling, fresh light color, dark skinny, with a pair of comfortable flat shoes is a typical summer dress. Irregular stripe stitching to create a different look and feel, the formation of a unique shadow highlights the effect of highlighting, fall shoulder bat sleeves to help block the fat flesh showing a good figure, the inside of the clothespin hit the color stripe stitching inadvertent highlights highlighted, loose version of the uneven hem simple and generous Temperament, plus a belt can create different styles. Using the intellectual retro suit collar, just V-shaped thin and elegant proportions invincible, puff sleeves, wide girdle, large skirt is elegant and lovely, seersucker cotton material rich and refreshing easy to handle, the overall fresh atmosphere how to wear the United States , Formal appointments are appropriate. Diagonal stripes are noticeable for slimming effects. The crossed V-neckline and the sleeves of the lantern are sexy and elegant. On one side is a wide girdle and one is tied with a bow. The hourglass curve is created in the change. The beauty of the shape is highlighted, and the blue or green can complete the visual temperature control. , hold this season refreshing fashion.

    2018-04-15 19:31:42
  • Let's experience the charm of T-shirts in the spring and summer life.

    Although many important occasions we dress oh. Can not wear t-shirts, but have to say that t-shirt is a good companion for daily life travel out of the street. It is not only very comfortable to wear, but also full of fashion sense. No wonder t-shirts can be worn with jeans in two popular fashion items. Clothing fabric is very good, feels thick, comfortable to wear, elastic, and does not limit the body, oh, chest and shoulder print design, highlighting the fashion, big round collar exposed sexy small collarbone, revealing personality in simplicity, white, green , black, lemon yellow four-color, upper body super face, pure color clothes do not have to worry about with Oh, readily wear a beautiful. Wild multi-color solid color T-shirt, a spring and summer necessary to create a base tee, pure color models wild basis is simple, based on all year round can be matched, and the style is simple, you can always wear, not afraid of outdated, just a Wearing will be able to hold all occasions, with a denim skirt is more moncler jackets basic, very playful temperament, with a long skirt will be temperament Oh, a small fresh range of children.

    Superb craftsmanship combined with soft fabric, good hand feeling, good breathability, classic round neck, comfortable and flat, beautiful and wearable, unique waist three-dimensional waist cropping, outline curves, show charming body, moncler jackets classic black and white, super Joker, can be worn alone, cost-effective high Oh, like MM do not miss it. What is the most connected to youth in the world? A pure white T-shirt and a pair of comfortable sports shoes. This very basic white T is really useful. Whether it is worn alone or at the bottom, the fabric must be soft and comfortable. Like the kind of skin-safety feeling of drilling into a cotton quilt, it won't be soft and sticky on the body. It has a little profile force, a small V-neck design, modified neck curve and modified face shape, and the white T-shirt is clean. The net is suitable for summer wear, and the bib is just taken together. It is very young. The collar shape, just right details, so that the overall design is simple and not simple, stylish middle sleeve design, is a combination of long sleeves and short sleeves, do not have to wear sleeves because of the sleeve length, it will not be short and cool sleeves , Stripe fabric, strong texture, upper body was thin, moncler outlet strong sense of drooping hem, intellectual and handsome, generous and generous. Passionate summer, vibrant energy, put on a big long T-shirt, simple and stylish without losing fashionable range, release sports fashion, loose tailoring to get rid of texture constraints, sway youth dripping, alphanumeric printing highlights European and American street children Strikes, the boyfriend's moncler coats wind lets you become fashionable second person, like MM does not miss oh. Suitable for casual feather T-shirts worn in spring and summer, Xinjiang high-quality bamboo long-staple cotton fabrics, wearing a cool and comfortable, round neck design, modified face, classic and generous, high-end feather embroidery, simple but not simple, highlight personal taste , Black and white, super wild Oh, with jeans is very tidal.

    2018-04-10 19:23:16
  • I heard that wearing these men's trousers is only a male god.

    All said that now is an era moncler jacket of looking at the value of beauty. However, if we have any kind of value, we have no means to make decisions and there is no way to change them. Therefore, if we want to change ourselves, we must work hard in the next days. We should not think that only Sister only applies this law, for male students, the external image is also a very important reference indicator. For boys, it is irresistible for girls to have long legs. But for sisters, they also like long-legged Obama. They often find that some boys are not very good at their own conditions, but they have a lot of clothes on them. Style, it looks like there is a wave and a fan. To attract your sister's attention, you must learn to dress well. Men's clothes are not so much fancy things, relative to the change of the top, a good trousers is also very important, some details are often reflected through the pants, good pants can help you cover up shortcomings, for boys, is to help you Stretch the long legs and turn them into long legs. Pure natural high-quality cotton material, soft and super moncler coats skin-friendly. High waist design, comfortable and tailored loose fit. Large pocket design, coupled with retractable trousers, and a few beautiful fashion pockets, easy to match the most perfect you! Natural cotton moncler jackets fiber will not cause any harm! Breathability is very good, skin-friendly, breathable but warm. Front and rear moncler coats eight pockets design, very practical and good-looking! Small pockets show more European and American styles, and the rope can be adjusted freely to create the best you can easily!

    The use of custom heavy cotton fabric, strong wear-resistant, very broad and stylish, breathable and comfortable, perfect skin-friendly. After washing the fabric is more compact and full texture. Double car line design, more detailed, trousers at the pocket of the stamped brand logo, very delicate. Double-embedded pre-crafted bag cover makes the bag cover more docile. High-grade denim cotton fabric, upper body is soft and comfortable, skin-friendly breathable, pants style is crisp, more refined. Use high-quality fabrics that are cool, breathable and naturally comfortable. Slim version, more comfortable and personal. The side of the hit color stripes design, more personality. The design of the legs of the feet is even thinner. Super soft fabric, comfortable to go, easy upper body. Very wide leg pants design, suitable for a very stylish atmosphere of the boys. The design of the nine-pointed pants just reveals ankles and becomes even thinner. Pure black design, more stylish wild. Straight trousers version, suitable for all types of legs, more modified leg lines, was more lean and more air. High quality fabrics, upper body is very soft and comfortable, breathable and cool. Camouflage style, more personality. Delicate silky fabric, soft and comfortable, the upper body is more refreshing. The side ap logo webbing makes the trousers more design sense and full of personality. The folds at the knees are more stylish and textured.

    2018-04-08 19:34:08
  • Fashionable men, these pants are indispensable!

    There are a lot of clothes all year round, but there are so few trousers, denim, sports, no new ideas, wear it all the time through the year, look tired, and want to give him some changes, do not know from Where to start. Some very nice trousers give you a little inspiration in everyday commuting. In the spring and summer, I do not know how to wear trousers, and I can easily handle it. Like the recent popularity of overalls, with other shoes, you can easily get dressed. In short, the mix of tidal men must be selected from the trousers, because many boys, usually only pay attention to the matching moncler coats of the tops and shoes, but ignore the choice of pants, but everyone does not know, the most important choice for boys, should also be pants ? Selected high-quality fabrics, multiple washing process, changed moncler jacket the problem of fading of cotton fabrics. Multi-pocket design is more stylish and relaxed. Classic front and rear pockets, a loose fit and a more comfortable fit. After the cut-off design, in line with the leg type, not only oh! Featured high-quality cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly breathable, delicate alignment, exquisite workmanship! Simple pockets, easy to decorate! Loose and concise version, coupled with exquisite pockets, easy to match the most handsome you!

    A variety of colors of cotton and linen cropped moncler women pants, slim feet tapered version, wearing a very comfortable, very texture. Straight version of the model, wearing a very modified leg type, easier to match clothes, simple and versatile. Selected high-quality fabrics, skin-friendly breathable, soft and comfortable, loose version of the design, the upper body is comfortable and not restricted. Straight version, more modified leg type. Overalls style, personality retro, more masculine. Bold retro color elements, striking yellow-red color, keeping the brand's consistent street style and oversize silhouette, is very fashionable. Overalls design, more retro. High-quality cotton and linen fabrics are used, and the upper body is very breathable and natural and comfortable. Harlan pants version of the design, more comfortable and natural. The trousers are designed to receive the feet, so that they can get better. The classic and relaxed design makes it easy for you this spring, handsome and charming! A selection of high-quality denim fabrics, with an exquisite car thread craftsmanship, moderate elasticity, easy to show leg type. The perfect combination of a variety of colors, coupled with the design of the hole, tide boy is so simple. Select the most soft and comfortable fabrics, coupled with straight-type pants, can well wrapped legs, unrestrained and more natural. The moncler jackets design of the cropped pants is more refreshing and comfortable, and the ankles are more masculine.

    2018-04-03 19:26:52
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