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  • Simple court style, lotus leaf sleeve T-shirt farewell unicorn arm

    The light lotus sleeves have the veins of some European palace sleeves, but it is more simple and modern. It saves too many complicated decorations and presents them with a clear gesture. What needs special emphasis is that it is very friendly to the unicorn arm. It doesn't matter if it is too late for a thin arm. Retro square collar with tassels and geometric hollow decoration, modified neck and shoulder width, add romantic temperament and sweet feeling, lotus leaf sleeves cool and thin is very suitable for sauna days, scattered sleeves rich shape lines, showing elegant and charming posture. The neckline drawing pendant forms a slim V-shaped line, giving the collar a layered look and attracting attention. The short, white, short-sleeved t-shirt with a simple, design-inspired look is a summer wild potion that unlocks a variety of new shapes. The trend letter T-shirt, personal expression is at the time, simple but not monotonous people enamoured, net yarn lotus sleeves immortal beauty, fabric collision highlight texture, arms looming outstanding sense of style, romantic grace and elegance. The front body of the bodice is hand-written with letters and moncler sale three-dimensional pearl plaids. The individuality is eye-catching. The unique lotus leaf sleeves are comfortable and unrestrained.

    Falling shoulder lines and cuffs are embellished with double flounced edges, covering the arm with a soft and lean skin. Style details make the striped T-shirt more than just basic. Fashion and real wear are kept online, with a slim overall profile. The chic ring collar is slim and individualized. The letters embellish the eye-catching vitality. The micro-lacquer sleeves embellish the perfect arm lines. You can enjoy the refreshing feeling freely and unbridled. The bright red t-shirt and denim blue items are the timeless classics. one. The navy wind stripe T-shirt with lotus leaf sleeves, the foundation of a neutral single product reborn, add a lady quality, stripes in the direction of different staggered visual rich and dynamic, retro charm and tidiness coexist, French elegance has a new expression. The pink T-shirt lightens the dreamy moncler jackets girl's heart. The neckline moncler jackets is brushed and decorated with cat pendants. The personality details upgrade the sleekness and interest. It is in perfect harmony with the slimmer A-line dress, and the overall lines are beautiful and fresh. Basic solid-color T-shirt with ruffled flying sleeves and playful Smart Girls' Force max, the cuff extends out of lace and chiffon, doubles the freshness and sweet charm, collides with the knit texture of the bodice, practicality, comfort and beauty coexist.

    2018-05-23 19:19:23
  • Loose cropped pants are soft and gentle without losing men's moncler women strength

    The length of the summer men's trousers has to be carefully selected. It is the mother or the man who is using the knees as the zero point. The more dangerous he is, the safer he is. The cropped trousers that just cover the lower legs are also considered to be the length of the balance of the mother. The atmosphere of softness and softness has the tone of the Japanese otaku. The gentleness does not lose the strength of the man, and the comfort is relatively restrained. Summer selection pants, comfortable and easy to match is everything, loose breathable linen pants to reduce moncler men sultry, and greasy feeling, is to wear the session of the Qing Liu type single product, elastic drawstring comfort and convenience, letter ribbon to increase the street atmosphere. Side pocket overalls with a tough charm, seven-length length can be adjusted to adjust the length of pants trousers, to match different heights, highlighting unrestrained style and style tide, low-key neutral color to reduce the collocation requirements, other single product bright color, basic color The same color system can be perfectly digested. Haren's cropped trousers have a balanced balance, allowing the styling to be full of dexterity. The double trousers in the trousers can fine tune the trousers so that different legs can be easily controlled. Breathable linen and wild black make it a flop in summer. The highest rate of single product.

    The color is low-key and quiet, the texture is flat and crisp, and it is a type of trousers that can be mixed and mixed freely. The shirt is refreshing and refreshing with the elegance and style. With the white T sandals, there is no pressure on the cool vacation, and different styles and occasions can be changed. Soft and knit fabrics are suitable for sports and leisure. Loose pants can accommodate strong shorts, fats and thins. Trendy prints are full of energy and are very eye-catching. They break monotonously and reduce swelling. With simple T-shirts, casual shoes are easy and concave. Dark lines and label embellishment highlight the trend of leisure, micro-elastic fabric comfortable and less bound, light and breathable, jogging, riding skateboards, etc. are no pressure, a black simple and not simply full of youthful vitality. Loose and comfortable linen harem pants, like a second layer of skin, with lace movements, with a lightweight jacket to create a fresh breathable shape, with a chic indifferent temperament. Jeans classic wild, almost with all the shirt combination, a small area of ish bone embroidery embellishment highlights the trend of personality, micro-volume trousers adjustment ratio is even higher, revealing a fresh eye catcher moncler coats color catcher, simple to wear tough and handsome to pick them up, with white Fresh and moncler outlet pleasing. Multi-pocket overalls style and practical, both military green fashion tough and cool, with T-shirt canvas shoes, shape is not heavy, no sense of restraint, easy to play street trends. The basic style is simple and easy to fall into the mediocre, but the use of bright colors can quickly out of color, simple style is very practical to wear, the waist belt can be elegant to hide, with a free feeling of arbitrary, wine red with white to help increase visual cooling Good feeling.

    2018-05-21 19:33:21
  • You would like to add something to the white shirt.

    In the spring, when everything is born again, everything returns to zero. A white shirt must be eye-catching in this blossoming scene. However, white shirts cannot of course be white shirts of the past. They must add some material to white shirts. It is not the same as before to make us more like them, so that we can see more in spring and summer. The color can be single, but the pattern can never be monotonous. This is the purpose of the white shirt. Whether it is the simplicity of embroidery or the hollow design of the V-neck, it is not simple. The moncler jackets echo of the collar and the hem is just right. There is literature and art in the leisure, and the art is implied in freshness. It is as simple as that. Because the colors are minimal, other features will stand out. Lace stitching V-neck reveals exquisite clavicle, so sexy nowhere to hide. The looseness of the lantern sleeves is enough to bring out the sexy, with a skirt and jeans. Whether it is cotton or chiffon, it can only convey the beauty of the lantern sleeves, but it cannot express the beauty of God. Hard mesh can not only show the full state of the lantern sleeves, but also can grasp the texture of the transparent color, may moncler women be slightly exaggerated, but for the spring and summer, this exaggeration is easily accepted.

    Every white shirt has a determination to make a head start, no longer just relying on professional design brought about by the workplace. The word collar strapless, embellished with ruffled edges, can better show the delicate and delicate shoulders. Because of the pure white self-confidence, the focus of bare shoulders is not sexy, but chic. Of course, no matter moncler outlet what, white shirts are still the main force of the workplace, but the lines are no longer so old-fashioned and personality is no longer monotonous. The first step is to change the collar. How can a lapel's intellectual elegance compare with the wispy and cleverness in the fungus? Small details contain great success or failure.

    The sweetness of the white shirt can have many ways. The different fabrics can also make the pure white display a variety of beautiful conditions. Although the wavelet dot embellishment maintains the consistency of color, it can make one feel the mystery at a glance, and laces the trumpet sleeves in the spring breeze. The appearance of embroidery breaks the pure color, but it is natural to try something different to add something to the white shirt. Are the colors of the five-pointed lantern sleeves, isn't it just the tightness of embroidery? The small V-neck has a simple, sexy look that can be worn with a denim skirt. Although it is a bat sleeve design, the small lapels with sleek curvature can be used to fight in the workplace. The perfection of sweetness itself, the advantage of externalizing into a white shirt under the embellishment of the bow, the collision of black and white is not seen a fierce sharpness, full of innocence. This is about the easiest posture of a white shirt, and it goes forward with a casual confidence. The contrast between the lapel design and the overall looseness makes the details you can't reject outstanding. The embellishment of the blue stripes weakens the neatness of the shoulder line, so the looseness is even more restrained.

    2018-05-18 19:21:30
  • Little black skirt explains Hepburn style elegance

    Full lace small black dress, with a lining to prevent the exposure of rich levels, the trumpet sleeves, waist tutu skirt elegant retro, wearing a simple should not be simple, or wear a half moncler jackets skirt, contrast, color and texture contrast, can Greatly enhance the degree of fashion. Bow tie with small lapels elegantly age-reduced, H-shaped skirt is suitable for a variety of thin tall body, sleeveless skirt lining, perspective short-sleeved can help to modify the arm lines and light, the body of the flower variety of rich and varied details, regardless of Take a ride or a single dress is a highlight. Fuzzline A-line dress is very suitable for pear-shaped body, the skirt has a neat pleated longitudinal extension in front of the skirt, to help the visual high and thin, simple word collar plus sleeveless highlight beautiful neck and slender arm, to avoid moncler coats weaknesses wear out Body and superior temperament. The simple black skirt with its detailed and detailed features, with a wide waist fold and a small waistline, embellishes the hourglass body shape. The ship's collar is warm and generous, and the accessories can also form an interesting geometric collision and transfer. The temperament is elegant and dynamic. Suitable for all occasions.

    The upper body longitudinal lace stitching adds a romantic and sweet atmosphere. The ruffled sleeves warm and feminine and embellish the arm lines. The toothpick pleats from the skirts are fine to thick, three-dimensional and dynamic. It also makes the skirts form a natural curling lotus leaf detail. Very gentle and generous lady temperament. The whole is like a round neck lace bottoming shirt and V-neck sleeveless skirt mixed layered wear effect, fabric collision highlights, lace covered with snow skin looming romantic sexy, front cross-tie, waist bow, embellishment, chic details sweet retro . The black strap skirt is made on the bottom, the outer layer is the trumpet sleeve embroidered mesh skirt, moncler jackets the flower embroidery tile adds the fairy, the double layered wear is more attractive than the single wear, it is also in line with the more complex trend of the moment, the shape is matched with the toughness. The style of the product is best. Waist Sleeveless Black Skirt is a classic piece printed in most people's minds. It has no trace of excess, and it perfectly shows body lines. This skirt adds irregular collages, breaking the stereotypes to add liveliness and styling highlights, and the upper body adds a touch of exquisiteness. Accessories are more fashionable.

    Round neck short-sleeved straight tube, a few basic elements of the assembly, so simple and neat little black dress is the style most people can control, geometric lace to add personal details, length and knee graceful and decent, is a good companion of intellectual commuting. High waist and large skirts form a moncler outlet smooth curve at the waist, which can beautify the waist and hip thigh curves, optimize the proportion of the whole body, show feminine and elegant femininity, wear formal casual wear daily, sports shoes are the most vibrant, nude shoes are the most prominent High, all black is high-cool royal sister Fan.

    2018-05-16 19:37:27
  • There is tone, letter T-shirt overflowing rebel is not

    The letter T-shirt is not only an endorsement of the trend, it has also become a medium to express their inner thoughts. If you don鈥檛 want to speak in person, the letter T will speak for you. Some attitudes want to be more explicit. The letter T will help you dig deeper. This kind of gesture that dares to speak and dare to do is full of youthful rebelliousness. With the popularity of street fashion, the most frequently worn T-shirts have increasingly fashionable designs and more and more abundant choices. Simple solid-color T-shirts are printed with a few letters, indicating an attitude that is enough to point out the individuality. style. The internals of the letter printing can express attitudes, and the externalities can be used as an article in the typesetting of fonts. The combination of size and length and line length can change freely, and therefore it is easy to bring fresh experiences. The slogan is eye-catching and bold, contrasting with each other, the sense of hierarchy and individuality, the softness of the combed cotton material, and the muscular version of the fit version. The traditional T-shirt with a traditional polo spirit has a strong retro style. It also combines comfort, practicality and style. It is made of high-quality long-lasting cotton and shows a light and extravagant taste.

    Rock T-shirts can play a role in emotional ties, cultural labels, social media, etc. The name of famous singers and albums is printed, expressing specific attitudes and emotions. It has a strong commemorative significance and can resonate deep into people's hearts. Do not know how to euphemistically deny others, then write them on T-shirts. The white background of the pink background is very bright. The overall visual is fresh and warm, and the slightly cold words also have a healing and pleasant healing atmosphere that is easier to understand and understand. accept. The artistic fonts and typography that are full of patterns change, the sense of fun moncler jackets coexist with the street tide, a slightly loose version, wearing cool and comfortable, easy moncler women for activities or relaxing, the match is also simple and easy to play with. The hot silver letters are glossy and strong, eye-catching, full of street tide, high degree of freedom in wearing, summer wear a little sleeve to show the trend of personality, or two pieces of wear to reveal a little hit edge, to create Fresh and dynamic layered modeling. A series of serial numbers on the sleeves and a series of letters on the chest. The two complement each other. The picture is quiet and decent. It is also like hidden affection. The wild black long-sleeved T-shirt, in addition to the summer, but often accompanied by things. Small letters dotted the chest to break the monotony, but also to express a specific content, black and white simple and texture, not too little to play the small print on the wear little effect, basic and solid color T-shirt as free.

    2018-05-14 19:20:41
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