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  • The most perfect one, dress to help you!

    Dress has always been an essential wardrobe for women in a single product, but the most suitable spring and summer season. Delicate and soft fabric texture, comfortable fit version, so you wear clothing out of the woman's charm and temperament. Different styles, each has its own style, refused to Zhuangshan situation. Knit skirts have a richer style, a simple solid color models, fight color models, printing models and so on. Wear pantyhose and boots, at least to ensure that you are full of fashion sense! Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter dresses can give women unlimited beauty, easy to show the perfect posture, filling a pair of big legs. Lace dress is the most able to show the noble and elegant feminine atmosphere of art, simple hollow design can set off more if the shadow of the skin, filling a trace of romantic mysterious colors. Knitted dress it, it is more guaranteed temperature, after all, spring cover it cold autumn it! Classic silhouette, continuation of the simple atmosphere of the design style, eclectic interpretation of the clothing lines. Simple and elegant round neck moncler coats design, showing the elegant self-confidence temperament. Curved sleeveless design, beautifully decorated arm lines, wear is absolutely very goddess.

    Elegant prototype neckline design, so that your neck to enjoy the most free space. Use full of Oriental charm printing design, creating the most classic goddess temperament. A profile hem, with the best of inclusive, walking is super smart. Deep V neckline, revealing the charming clavicle sister, a good grooming neckline. Fringed fabric, upper body soft and comfortable, good ventilation. High-waist moncler sale design, visually lengthen the leg lines, very feminine. The whole skirt made of powder gauze fabric, elastic neckline elastic, very comfortable, neck and neck. Bra design, chest with popular fungus, Lotus sleeves, very sweet and elegant. Fake two pieces of design, using lace and stitching splicing, reflecting the elegance and fashion sense. Tops with overlapping design elements, integrated into the harness and blouse design, exudes sexy femininity. The use of bright silk gauze splicing design, personalized fashion. Elastic mesh cuffs and neckline design echoes, highlighting the sexy and elegant. A-shaped skirt design, more elegant moncler coats temperament. Using a slightly wide hem design, walk, let you elegant yet elegant. Fake pocket design, with buckle decoration, more retro personality. I-shaped shoulder strap, non-Leh, more comfortable.

    2018-02-09 18:30:39
  • Simple mix, take you wear tide Fan children

    For us boys, when the clothes, the match is very important, because we can choose their own clothing is not a lot, so the need for a reasonable mix. There are many kinds of moncler jackets jeans fabric combinations, cotton material so that the pants moncler jackets breathable, wear fresh and healthy nature. Polyester anti-wrinkle effect is good, to ensure that the pants straight, wear out confidence and spirit, and a little spandex material, then let the pants with a micro-elasticity. Although this dress with a solid color design, but it will not look too monotonous. Pink piercing out of the boys are handsome sunshine temperament. Twill stripes on the clothes styling stripes, so that clothes look very personal. Wool knit sweater, wearing soft also show the warmth. The front of this denim jacket is a simple base model, with a more simple nature of the hair with a wash, but the back is not the same, using a variety of different scenes patchwork decoration, street style looks to show personality, temperament, sleeves There are also letters on the mosaic. The usual jacket is polyester or cowboy, but this jacket is made of corduroy material, so the fabric surface with clear stripes, showing more creative classic sense. Of course, the surface of linoleum to show the retro sense of clothing, wear to give you a gentle touch, personality and comfortable.

    A plain backing shirt, the fabric is very fine with linen texture, visual shirt showing a more clear, but also linen has very fresh and breathable upper body effect, suitable for different take the ride to set moncler outlet off to shape, And literary temperament effects can also be fully improved, a simple outside ride, a casual cowboy can meet the changing shape effect. This is a solid color sweater, the body is twisted knit textured knit design highlights the trendy fashion sense. Coupled with the design of the half-high collar to make the whole dress more stylish, good clothes in addition to the appearance of a sense of experience is also very important, loose version of the design will not create a sense of restraint, and then with a slacks is very warm Male temperament. A simple section of the sweater, round neck design can be worn alone can also take the ride, the overall gradient with a gradient effect, showing a sense of fashion trends, the use of high-quality fabrics make it more soft and comfortable, straight version of the design More modified body shape, so a sweater can take a shirt inside a jeans on it.

    2018-02-07 18:15:46
  • Suit to wear upper body, minute out

    One of the most difficult things to do in the morning is to climb out of a warm blanket in the morning and try to sleep for a few more minutes, but when you think about going to the closet to find clothes to go out today, you can only say your favorite blanket. So sad In fact, as long as the choice of OK on the package you can go out every minute, then sleep a few minutes, of course no problem. It is a great youth, do not disappoint oh ~ publicity personality, wear out a unique personal style, to declare my fashion attitude to the world, as long as my favorite elements can wear on the body, bold hit color, Letter badges, fashion sports wind, nothing can not. Do not like tightly wrapped the body's sense of restraint, like relaxed and comfortable relaxed and comfortable. Baggy casual shoulder sleeve inadvertently a bit more lazy taste, soft knit and soft gray card, so simple and not simple clothes, even more texture. Rare winter encounter rare sunny, it is better to take advantage of good weather, about a few friends girlfriends, go out together and walk around with it. moncler outlet Loose hooded sweater + knit skirt, with a moncler coats small yellow bag and comfortable white shoes, filled with a vibrant fashion youth, but also very suitable for today's occasions Oh ~

    As a grid control, whether it is a large grid or a small grid, whether it is the classic black and white grid, or stylish color plaid, have no resistance. This section is the most classic black and white Check, really love ah, with a black sweater, almost perfect match. Intoxicating wine from people intoxicating tempting burgundy and deep wisdom of deep navy blue intertwined, showing us a low profile and elegant lines of style, skirts at the skirts hit the color vertical bar, but also a good modification Female figure curve. Every time you see the black and white pleated skirt, always involuntarily think of the elegant piano, fingertips to bring the moment to slide the slide to bring the wonderful enjoyment of the ears, in fact, pleated skirts are similar to the same place, walking between elegant and Smart , Brings us a beautiful visual enjoyment. In the busy moncler sale city life, I suddenly realized that passing day by day was so rapid that time was the most precious. People in the fashion industry know this truth more clearly, so handmade things are more valuable. For example, the hand-made beading on this piece of cotton cloth is the best embodiment of a woman's pursuit of exquisite life.

    See this section clothes, your first reaction is what? Blowing the gas field, or graceful figure of the body, or to highlight the personality of the irregular skirt? Do not tangle Oh, no moncler jackets matter what kind of, this is your best reason for falling in love with it.

    2018-02-05 18:31:19
  • Down short paragraph, grab the best of dynamic beauty preferred

    When the jacket fashion will be a lot of space on the long features and ankle and other words on the child, beautiful and playful girls are beautiful and fresh, as always, fall in love with light and short, and perhaps not moncler outlet over the knee so Tingting curl, move If the sophistication of young romance but simply can not be ruled out to grab all the dynamic. Half of the fresh off half of the youth is the most beautiful look, so diligent love is not blindly if the tenderness of the water, short and not a loose streamlined, unobtrusive drink of youthful feelings, streamers and badges embroidery, highlighting the texture No new nonsense playful romance. The same style of youthful girl, streamers is handsome surging fashion endorsement, personalized taste is not the same taste of the line, not only hit the color splicing so simple, more casual two shoulder idlers leisurely, silent moncler jacket contaminated with the dynamic, It is cool to moncler jackets burst the favorite. Not enough romantic look gesture, as if the sweet little girls on the aesthetic preference of tassels rendering, even if the short fluffy filled with youthful Jiaohan, also can not miss the color tassels tastes, a bit leisurely pretty, simple Xuanliang Care in the subconscious youth machine, fashion by age.

    Pop new look popular, since the horn sleeves come and go, the retro style simply can not escape expensive elegant high profile, the other part can be the classic self, only the cuff of the trumpet pumping must not be separated, and waist small Clover stream line plastic fashion modern princess sweet. Oblique flap buckle small high waist, even if it is simply a simple solid color will not lose the three-dimensional and 绐?绐? perhaps this is the classic Chinese style leisurely classic taste, as if natural enchanting, without carving can bring their own, dignified atmosphere directly upgrade Beautiful charm. The easiest fashion is to see the fabric, glittering glittering glory, do not know when to begin, out of grace and luxury wardrobe, quietly in love with the taste of the grade, gorgeous highlight of youth invincible, stylish top Korean style, Plus velvet cotton soft, cute in the sweetness. Small jacket collar jacket, slightly neutral streamline is absolutely cool and handsome love, although there is no way to distinguish between male and female models, but the purpose is the same point - neat and simple, in addition to the dynamic there is immediate rate of Qing Jane, the diamond grid look big.

    Bread service, although the impeccable warmth, but based on the short section of the romantic and convenient, slightly fluffy texture is like a cartoon in the eyes of children, how obediently appealing lover, not to mention the former short moncler jackets slit after the long With the oblique stitching pocket personality point, pretty girl child favorite love childish.

    2018-02-02 18:29:57
  • How to choose suitable dresses?

    I believe the perfect body curve is not for every woman, but we can solve the curve problem by matching. The skirt is also one of the best girls in the summer, but not all styles of skirts are suitable for you, how According to your figure to wear to the skirt? The wider shoulders can be matched with a large round neck, deep V-neck dress, weaken people's attention to the shoulder, turn to focus on the clavicle, cleavage and other parts. To avoid a word collar, do not choose tight sleeve dress and so on. Shoulder narrower, choose the shoulder more decorative dress, such as princess sleeves, twist sleeves, etc., do not choose suspenders, shoulder and chest wrapped dress. Arm thick, avoid sleeveless, narrow shoulders dress, if the body is not slim enough, then tight dress is absolutely inappropriate. You can choose to connect with the shoulder, the upper part of the sleeve is wider and decorated dress, you can attract people's attention so that the arm appears slender. Do not put shirts or tights into the skirt, do not use the belt, do not wear pleated skirts, these are prominent waist with moncler men the proposed choice of straight dress, can make the body appear slender. If it is tall, you can choose long and straight ankle straight micro-swing dress, you can make the whole look Smart and elegant, and hidden rough waist defects.

    A small pot of women is best worn wearing a corset, corset generally can tighten the small pot, was thin, so what to wear skirts can be. If you do not want to wear corsets, you can choose a more generous dress, such as long doll skirt, more generous, there is no waist, naturally will not see a small pot. In moncler jackets addition, you can also choose A word skirt, so loose belly, but do not have too much waist fold. Should avoid self-cultivation dress and tight skirts. More suitable for bright colors or vertical stripes class style, avoid excessive decoration skirt, fabric should choose a moderate thickness, giving a light feeling of material, to avoid heavy material in the long paragraph skirt. Choose skirts to avoid long skirts, wear a short fit straight or A short skirts will appear slender legs, naturally gives a feeling of tall. Not suitable to wear short and wide skirts. Choose knee-length skirt can cover this shortcoming. Calf thick people, if wearing a skirt should wear a long skirt or skirt, skirt moncler jackets length than the calf 1-2CM is appropriate. The length of the skirt must not be the thickest calf at the same time can be accompanied by boots (do not choose wrap-style, to choose loose tube, make your legs slim and charming).

    2018-01-31 18:32:50
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